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Ascii borders

Standard and Extended ASCII Online Table

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They're scattered all over the internet, I've just done a small favour by gathering them. They're all customizable, and I've created a few myself. Not all. Many are taken from apps, or generated by AI. But don't worry - no one copyrights text dividers.

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ascii borders

Help forum Get help from other players! Get help from staff You can ask for help with your account, report a problem, or ask some other question to us here. All Fancy Text Dividers, Borders, and much more! Need help making a website? Coding your own adoptables? Ask questions or share knowledge here. Here is a collection of text dividers and text borders! If you have any more of these I have not put down yet, Comment them below so I can add to this big collection!

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Big Text Generator!! Our Easter Egg Hunt is now over! I hope everybody had fun!Anyone who has been using the Internet and EDP for a long time should definitely have come across this acronym before.

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But what does it stand for? The term defines fixed character encoding, assigning printable characters such as letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and non-printable control character codes. This is a key aspect of programming but is also important for a regular user to understand how the ASCII code works. For reference, we also provide you with a handy ASCII code table where you can look up the information for every character.

ASCII is a 7-bit code, meaning that characters 27 are defined.

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The code consists of 33 non-printable and 95 printable characters and includes both letters, punctuation marks, numbers and control characters. As far as predecessors go, there is Morse code and coding that is used in telex writing, whereby a standardized code e.

Since computers cannot handle our alphabet — their internal processes are based on the binary system — ASCII needed to be developed. To date, the sign standard has only changed a few times to adapt to new requirements. There are extended versions that use an eighth bit so that regional language differences can be displayed. As a result, Unicode based character sets like UTF-8 are now widely accepted: Unicode can accommodate more than a million different characters.

ASCII is a standard used to represent characters on electronic devices. To understand how it works, you first need to be familiar with how a calculator functions: in a computer, the computational processes are always based off a binary system, meaning that zeroes and ones determine the processes.

The original ASCII standard defines different characters within seven bits — seven digits that indicate either a 0 or a 1. The eighth bit, which is one full byte, is traditionally used for checking purposes. Each character corresponds to a seven-digit sequence of zeroes and ones, which can then be represented as a decimal number, or as a hexadecimal number.

The original purpose of the eighth is to check the data for errors. However, the only visible aspect is what occurred, not the cause of the error. This makes the parity check fairly unsuitable for correcting errors. The first two are used as they are the most common number systems for humans and machines. This way, a byte can always be displayed with a maximum of 2 digits.

The eighth bit set to zero if an extended version uses it is allocated differently, depending on the program. In most cases, the extra space is used to cater for country-specific variations.

However, the first characters are always preserved in their original form.Box-drawing charactersalso known as line-drawing charactersare a form of semigraphics widely used in text user interfaces to draw various geometric frames and boxes.

Box-drawing characters typically only work well with monospaced fonts. In graphical user interfacesthese characters are much less useful as it is more simple and appropriate to draw lines and rectangles directly with graphical APIs. However, they are still useful for command-line interfaces and plaintext comments within source code. Used along with box-drawing characters are block elementsshade characters, and terminal graphic characters. These can be used for filling regions of the screen and portraying drop shadows.

Unicode includes such characters. This subset of the Unicode box-drawing characters is thus far more popular and likely to be rendered correctly:. On many Unix systems and early dial-up bulletin board systems the only common standard for box-drawing characters was the VT alternate character set see also: DEC Special Graphics. A Bash script that displays all of the semigraphic characters:. Modern Unix terminal emulators use Unicode and thus have access to the line-drawing characters listed above.

Many microcomputers of the s and s had their own proprietary character sets, which also included box-drawing characters. The BBC Micro could utilise the Teletext 7-bit character set, which had box-drawing characters, whose code points were shared with the regular alphanumeric and punctuation characters.

Control characters were used to switch between regular text and box drawing. The BBC Master and later Acorn computers have the soft font by default defined with line drawing characters. The Amstrad CPC also has soft characters defined by default as block and line drawing characters. Some recent embedded systems also use proprietary character sets, usually extensions to ISO character sets, which include box-drawing characters or other special symbols.

DOS linedraw characters are not ordered in any programmatic manner, and calculating a particular character shape needs to use a look-up table. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article contains special characters. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols. It is not to be confused with the em-dash, —. August Retrieved December [August ].

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The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I'm writing a program to display the expected lifetime of our product as it relates to average weather conditions in various locations across the globe and I'd like my map to reflect the latest country borders.

Natural Earth. I only needed the Germany file, so I only tested that one, but I found it to be quite satisfying for my purpose. The border is described with about a hundred coordinates and major islands are included as well. You can download files per country in your preferred format. I think it is the dataset used by Google Earth as well. Hope that helps someone :. Learn more. Asked 7 years, 3 months ago. Active 9 months ago.

ascii borders

Viewed 29k times. KodeKreachor KodeKreachor 8, 10 10 gold badges 41 41 silver badges 64 64 bronze badges. It's not clear how country borders can help in determining weather conditions. There are a lot of countries with absolutely different climatic zones.

ascii borders

It looks like you could better count average conditions from latitude and season. I've got the weather data taken care of, the question was how to get the points for the country borders alone.

Active Oldest Votes. You can get the world country borders for free from Natural Earth: Natural Earth Layer Admin 0 contains the country borders. AlexWien AlexWien I think his is for gis applications. Can you tell how the files can be read from c or objective c? Christallkeks Christallkeks 2 2 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. Only for non-commercial use. Brian Burns Brian Burns 11k 5 5 gold badges 53 53 silver badges 51 51 bronze badges.

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ascii borders

ASCII table border. How would I go about printing an ascii table border to the screen? I have the characters using ALT-codes, but that doesnt print properly when using a printf. Do i need to individually print the ascii value for each character? Maybe you can google for some code that does this print you want,because there is no standard one as far as i am concerned. When i want to output a table in C, i would play around with printf and this characters - maybe more,depending on the occasion,just write a little code and start playing around.

Code page - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Codeplug's suggestion works for me in Linux. I think I'll use those from now on!

You can simplify this a lot, but that's left as an exercise for the reader. This one is bit more however: Code:. Last edited by Adak; at AM. Adak's suggestion doesn't work for me. It's a standard character set which defines exactly characters, 94 of which are printable.

Originally Posted by christop. The extended characters are not the same on all systems. These characters can be different even when running on two different Windows systems. It depends upon the character set being used by the system in question. If your lower 7 bit values don't match ASCII's values, then you have an entirely different character set, but the answer is the same, as for an ASCII variant - you need to edit the defines, with your character set's proper values.

Um, um, what a nice box!The term is also loosely used to refer to text based visual art in general. ASCII art can be created with any text editorand is often used with free-form languages. Most examples of ASCII art require a fixed-width font non-proportional fontsas on a traditional typewriter such as Courier for presentation.

ASCII art was invented, in large part, because early printers often lacked graphics ability and thus characters were used in place of graphic marks.

Also, to mark divisions between different print jobs from different users, bulk printers often used ASCII art to print large banner pagesmaking the division easier to spot so that the results could be more easily separated by a computer operator or clerk. Sincetypewriters have been used for creating visual art. According to a chapter in the "RTTY Handbook", text images have been sent via teletypewriter as early as What is known is that text images appeared frequently on radioteletype in the s and the s.

In the s, Andries van Dam published a representation of an electronic circuit produced on an IBM line printer. The widespread usage of ASCII art can be traced to the computer bulletin board systems of the late s and early s. The limitations of computers of that time period necessitated the use of text characters to represent images.

Along with ASCII's use in communication, however, it also began to appear in the underground online art groups of the period.


In place of images in a regular comic, ASCII art is used, with the text or dialog usually placed underneath. During the s, graphical browsing and variable-width fonts became increasingly popular, leading to a decline in ASCII art. Despite this, ASCII art continued to survive through online MUDsan acronym for "Multi-User Dungeon", which are textual multiplayer role-playing video gamesInternet Relay ChatE-mailmessage boards and other forms of online communication which commonly employ the needed fixed-width.

ASCII and more importantly, ANSI were staples of the early technological era; terminal systems relied on coherent presentation using color and control signals standard in the terminal protocols. ASCII art is used wherever text can be more readily printed or transmitted than graphics, or in some cases, where the transmission of pictures is not possible.

This includes typewriters, teleprintersnon-graphic computer terminalsprinter separatorsin early computer networking e. ASCII art is also used within the source code of computer programs for representation of company or product logos, and flow control or other diagrams. In some cases, the entire source code of a program is a piece of ASCII art — for instance, an entry to one of the earlier International Obfuscated C Code Contest is a program that adds numbers, but visually looks like a binary adder drawn in logic ports.

Early computer games played on terminals frequently used ASCII art to simulate graphics, most notably the roguelike genre using ASCII art to visually represent dungeons and monsters within them. Many game walkthrough guides come as part of a basic.

Electronic circuits and diagrams were implemented by typewriter or teletype and provided the pretense [ clarification needed ] for ASCII. The simplest forms of ASCII art are combinations of two or three characters for expressing emotion in text.

They are commonly referred to as ' emoticon ', 'smilie', or ' smiley '. There is another type of one-line ASCII art that does not require the mental rotation of pictures, which is widely known in Japan as kaomoji literally "face characters".

More complex examples use several lines of text to draw large symbols or more complex figures.

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